On May 2, 2017, around 1pm, Robin kindled a litter of 9 healthy kits.  We were fascinated watching the kits grow up and see the beautiful diverse coloring they grew.

Meet the Parents


Remy is one of the first rabbits that we adopted.  He’s half French Angora, half English Angora and was bred specifically for wool, and he doesn’t disappoint.

In addition to producing copious amounts of wool over the past 9 months, he is the most even-tempered, lovable boy that you would ever meet.




Happy Rock Robin is a fully-pedigreed pure French Angora.  She was initially bred as a show rabbit, but her wool production has also been quite outstanding.  She shares the same temperament as Remy, and to us, it seemed like they were made for each other.

This litter is Robin’s first, and she has been an amazing mom throughout.  Although, she did have her paws full with nine babies crowding her out of her food bowl.


Meet the Kits

Without further ado, here are the kits that are available for adoption.  We haven’t named them at this time, instead opting to allow their new parents to have the honor. All of these bunnies are does.

(Click on a photo to see a larger photo… click the “back” button to return here.)

(Click on a photo to see a larger photo… click the “back” button to return here.)

Yes!  We were surprised at the number of REWs as well, but looking through Robin’s pedigree, there are a number of REWs in her lineage.

While none of the kids really like being picked up and carried (which they will quickly get over with more handling), they love attention and petting.  And like their parents, they are very laid back and loving buns.  As you can see from the photos above, we’ve started picking some of the wool, curious as to what their new coats look like.

All the beauties come with:

  • A partial pedigree
  • A baggie of the food that we feed them
  • Our contact information.

Please note that these are not “pet” rabbits, and they are certainly not “meat” rabbits. We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone for any reason. Any and all prospective adoptors will be thoroughly vetted.  Please contact us by utilizing the contact form on the right side, and we will send you the Adoption Form.

Price: $75 each.