gabetoyimg_6793Wool comes from many sources, not just sheep (although sheep wool is the most common).  Mohair and cashmere come from goats.  The Llama genus (think alpacas ), camels, musk ox, and rabbits can all produce incredible wool.

Rabbits, specifically Angora, is where we have started our fiber journey.  We raise both English and German REW rabbits, with plans in the near future to greatly expand our rabbitry.  Angora wool is said to be seven times warmer than sheep wool, and up here in Northern Maine, we can use all the warmth we can get during the brutal winters.

In addition to Angora, we have made many sheep and goat friends (with plans to invest in our own flocks), so we are able to provide amazing wool to you.  We can help you get started in spinning and felting.  Our hand-dyed products are just as fun and unique as you are.  We will have both hand-spun and milled yarns available.

…and all because we wanted some pet bunnies…

Oh, and we are members of IAGARB, the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders.