About Us

Gallifreyan Farm is a small start-up in Northern Maine that will focus on alternative sustainable agriculture and fiber.

11060027_10207881218016522_8453009443340381763_nOur dream started many years ago as we sought for more efficient and effective vegetable production on a small quarter-acre lot in our quiet Houlton neighborhood.  We quickly realized that we were able to produce enough vegetables for us, and most of our non-farming family, utilizing just over 200 square feet of garden.  Since growing your own vegetables is not only to help reduce one’s grocery bill (which is has, significantly, the use of natural fertilizers and “old timey” methods have given us months of food that we don’t need to get from the grocery store.

But here’s the thing: we’re not just limited to the “usual” veggies that people typically grow around here.  We have a steady crop of more “exotic” veggies like habeñaros, egg plants and other fun stuff.

As we prepared to expand our garden in order to provide these unique sundries to others at the Farmer’s Market, we expanded into chickens for egg production, then sort of fell into fiber, starting with Angora rabbits.  These beautiful and friendly bunnies produce wool that some say is up to 7 times warmer than traditional sheep wool, and nearly as soft as silk.

We have found our niche, our future.  And we will share this with you.