Meet… Haggis!

Och, jus’ lookit the wee shaggy beastie!  Aye, Haggis be her name, and she’s  at cuddie’s affa ill-tricket, at een! (mischeivous, in case you don’t speak the Doric dialect).

That’s right.  Haggis doesn’t live with us.. she lives with our dear friend Lou, not too far from Aberdeen, Scotland.  Haggis is a rescue, and was holy matted and unruly when Lou got her, but with time and patience and a whole lot of TLC, all the mats were tended, and now she looks like the unruly Scot that she is!  (The rabbit, not Lou.  Mostly.)

Needless to say, Lou is very proud of her latest addition to her “growing list of animals”:

Today she’s more settled and munching on some apples and kale though. Skye and her have had some friendly sniffs at one another but the cats are still unsure.. Murphy looked quite terrified actually!  She’s so cute and fuzzy!

So welcome to the extended family, Haggis.  We’re heelster gowdie tae hiv ye.