Indeed, we are very much looking forward to providing a great variety of veggies from our garden, but we’re not set up for winter growing at the moment.  Will we ever be?  Perhaps.  Can you imagine having fresh vegetables (that don’t come from California) year-round?  That is truly mind-blowing. In the meanwhile, all the bunnies are growing like weeds…

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Meet the Bunnies

We’ve teased you with random photos of our “fluffle“, but our bunnies aren’t just faceless, nameless wool-producing machines.  They are living creatures, each with a mind of their own, and amazing personalities.  And they are a cherished part of our family.  We constantly strive to give them bigger/better living quarters, and might give them a few too many treats…

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Welcome to our new site

It’s been nearly six months in the making, but we’ve got a start on our official web presence. What we hope to accomplish is to provide an interactive space for you, gentle reader, as well as share cool project ideas, photos, and even our web store. This has been an exciting journey so far, and we are looking forward…

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